The Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit (5C) was established to encourage greater private support of Colorado child care programs, like those provided to the community by The Jewish Experience.

Because specific monetary contributions made to us qualify for this tax credit, you can decrease the after-tax cost of your gifts by 50%. TJE requires a minimum gift of $2,500 to qualify for this tax credit. Pledge today and pay by December 31 to ensure you receive the full benefit.

The credit means that half of your donation—as long as it is designated for a 5C program—is offset by a reduction of your Colorado income taxes. You will still be able to claim your full contribution as a charitable deduction on your Federal and State income tax returns if you itemize deductions, meaning your donation is even more beneficial.

$5,000 donation = $2,500 tax credit
$15,000 donation = $7,500 tax credit
$100,000 donation = $50,000 tax credit

Thank you for your support of the Denver Jewish community and The Jewish Experience. With this valuable tax credit, you can now do even more!

Maximize your donation – email [email protected] today.