Life & Legacy

Life & Legacy giving for a Jewish nonprofit is a profound way to ensure the enduring impact of Jewish values and traditions for future generations. Through planned giving, donors can make meaningful contributions that support the organization’s mission and long-term sustainability. Whether through bequests, charitable trusts, or other financial instruments, these gifts help to secure a vibrant and resilient Jewish community. By participating in Life & Legacy giving, donors leave a lasting legacy, reflecting their commitment to Jewish life, education, culture, and social justice. This act of generosity not only honors the past but also paves the way for a thriving Jewish future.

If you would like more information on Life & Legacy Giving, please contact our Director of Operations, Alex Amchislavskiy at [email protected].

A special thank you to our Legacy Donors:

Anonymous Families
Scott & Sally Alpert
Rick Altman
Bruce & Jennifer Bendell
Jason & Barbara Carroll
Craig & Melanie Eisen
Stel Fine
Steve & Ellyn Hutt
Rabbi Kagan
Marvin & Vera Kark
Lenny Kark
Rabbi Raphael & Ita Leban
Mark Lewis
Adam & Barbara Moskowitz
Alan & Mimi Pomeranz
Stuart Senfkor
Barbara Snyder
Leslie Stewart
Rebecca Vicksman
Rabbi Ahron & Hadassah Wasserman
David & Pam Wolfe