About Us

For more than three decades, The Jewish Experience has provided education, inspiration, and community connection for thousands of families across the spectrum of Jews in Colorado. Our cadre of dynamic, respected educators provides a myriad of creative channels for people to experience the joy and wisdom of a rich, fulfilling Jewish life. Through classes, events, holiday celebrations, and social gatherings, our constituents of all ages and backgrounds learn more about themselves and their unique role in the Jewish People.

Our Core Values

  • Community Driven

  • Genuine Ahavas Yisroel

  • Dedicated to Torah

  • Innovative Spirit

  • Strive for Excellence

Board of Directors

Adam Moskowitz, Board Chair
Jay Kamlet, Immediate Past Chair

Sally Alpert
Bob Balaban
Jonathan Defez
Shaul Gabbay
Andrea Hyatt
Aly Kark
David Kaufman
Evan Kline
Rob Klugman
Kevin Morton
Moshe Ohana
Adam Oliver
Lisa Perlmutter
Rebecca Vicksman
David Wolf

Advisory Board

Scott Alpert
Richard Altman
Joel Appel
Bruce Bendell
Steve Demby
Andrew Kark
Marvin Kark
Michael Mazer
Brett Perry
Stuart Senkfor
Michael Sidon
Brad Wolf

Our Programs and Events

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