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Ellyn Hutt

Senior Educator

Ellyn, a Senior Educator for the Jewish Experience for more than a decade, is now continuing her educational position with The Jewish Experience from the Land of Israel. After living her entire life in Denver, Colorado, Ellyn recently made Aliyah with her husband, Steve.

As a third-generation Denverite, Ellyn received her education at the University of Denver where she majored in both Spanish and Economics. She also earned a Masters Degree in Economics, though for the past 30 years she has devoted her life to the study of “prophets” rather than “profits.”  Ellyn shares her love of Torah, Jewish life, and now the Land of Israel in classes that are accessible and inspiring to people of all backgrounds as well as through custom-designed trips to Israel. Ellyn focuses on deepening the understanding and appreciation of the relevance of Jewish life and rituals from a Torah perspective, inviting women to enhance their connection to Judaism and their unique path of spiritual growth.


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Weekly Classes

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Ki Mi’Tzion Tetze Torah
Every Wednesday at 11AM Denver Time

Whenever the Torah is taken out to be read, we sing “Ki Mi-Tzion Tetze Torah, u’Dvar Hashem M’Yerushalyim,” For from Zion goes forth Torah and the word of Hashem from Jerusalem. There’s something special about the Torah we learn in and share from the Land of Israel and together we’ll be discovering what that means. Join me in exploring the weekly parsha with a focus on both the spiritual insights of our Torah text as well as the spiritual insights that reveal themselves in the day-to-day life in our holy homeland.

To join the class, Wednesdays at 11AM Mountain Time, simply click the zoom link below.

Student Testimonials

Israel is Real: With Ellyn Hutt
Enjoy this weekly video series from Ellyn.

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