Olami Volunteer Trip to Israel: Photo Gallery

The Olami Denver Experience sent a group of 8 young professionals to join a Volunteer trip through Taglit’s OU Israel Free Spirit program. After October 7th Birthright created a new program in which young professionals ages 20-40 are able to go volunteer in Israel– even if they already did birthright! The group was based in Jerusalem, but spent two days packing boxes of food in a warehouse, and three days helping farmers.

Today for This Week in Pictures, we’re honored to share some photos captured by Rabbi Danny Wolfe who is currently in Israel as part of a special Birthright Israel program. We’ll have many more photos to share upon his return, but for now, here are a few quick photos from Rabbi Wolfe’s current trip to Israel. Be sure to check out the video as well, featuring some inspirational thoughts from Rabbi Wolfe last week when he arrived in Israel.

That’s Going Too Far

   The upheaval that Korach caused went far beyond his actual claims against Moshe. His dispute centered upon the seat of power in the nation. He contested Moshe’s authority, Ahron’s appointment as the Kohen Gadol and of course that his cousin was selected to be the head of his particular branch of the Levites. Many prominent members of the people mistakenly supported his mutiny and their punishment was not deferre  and it was swift and exacting. However, there were also secondary damages that occurred due to his insurgency.